V Shape Face

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V Shape the face or Turn U To V is a popular talking frequently. Initially the doctors care for patients or service users. It will solve the main page as a wart area if there is a CO2 laser Memorial & freckles keeping with Ruby, Yag MDL if aging is to treat wrinkles. During this year, a patient comes to the doctor by the prosecution that. "It's pretty and young" doctor take care of all problems, including the face of a changing face U V Shape without surgery, no incision, and the results were very favorable. Patients are satisfied and very happy, because only two hours at the clinic. You can change his youthful decades.


Turn your face V Shape in people younger than 40 years.
People under the age of 40 due to face a U or square face. Often caused by the jaw, which caused three big causes and solutions are different.

1. If the angular jaw jaw muscles grow (Big masseter muscle) (the muscles around the jaw used for chewing or teeth) are also used to reduce the size of the muscles with Botox, or Botulinum. Toxin Type A, which is used in skin clinic Botox genuine US. 1-2 weeks after injection, the jaw muscles are smaller yet. It makes you look thinner and more clearly. Most single injection lasts for 4-6 months will be enough time after the injection is miles away. Some of clinic patients inject just once a year. It's pretty slender face all year.

2. If the front edge of the cheek fat cheeks sag too much. It is a technique to reduce fat cheeks by injecting fat or use a special laser that helps reduce fat cheeks and deeply smaller or use Facetite Reborn Face XT or to reduce the size cheek. The clinic has several laser skin tightening to reduce the cheek. Some help with fat cheeks. The wound does not hurt as E-Max, Thermalift, Indiba. In order to see the shrink fat cheeks permanently would require Facetite or Reborn Face XT helps because you can eliminate excess fat cheeks from breaking out and liposuction are condensing out of the pipe. Other This fat little cheeks so permanently. Beef cheeks also can be toned and firm at the same time.

3. If the jaw, driven by large jawbone. Doctors still need surgery to cut out the smaller jaws.

4. Adjustment slim face lift, eye brow lift, face lift tightens the skin around the eyes. Without Surgery Do not puncture the skin, such as

 - Ulthera, Ultherapy could hurt while doing little to moderate pain. The treatment helps tighten Adjustable cheek maintain a slim one-time one-hour therapeutic effect lasting 1-2 years.

 - HIFU Ultherapy is the latest innovation High Focusing Ultrasound Fractionated Beam Technology using innovative energy sound waves ultra high concentration out 1000 times / second, making those admitted to not feel pain at all. I do not feel any laser. But the clear after two weeks of treatment and after the third time the treatment lasts 6-12 months.

Turn your face V Shape in people aged over 40 years.

People over the age of 40 is typically caused by a U Shape.

1.Sagging cheeks
2.Fat cherubic cheeks or called.
3.Strong neck muscles pull cheeks to make a clear edge.

Few issues are of huge jaw muscles with the jaw to take part.
Ulthera (Ultherapy) is the latest laser has been approved by the US FDA that can lift your face in depth with Focusing Ultrasound (sound waves) at high frequencies. Which can shoot through the skin on the surface down to deeper layers (SMAS), which has a network covering the muscle layer. Aging skin on the upper floor started sagging SMAS himself as the skin around the eyes, cheeks, neck sagging when Ulthera shot into the top SMAS cause heat to stimulate SMAS taut, toned and youthful. the result is a taut face, eyes, neck being lifted naturally. Usually significant change after treatment for three months, but our skin clinic. See changes immediately after treatment, more than 90%.

Thermage skin clinic has the latest version CPT as firming the face by a radio that allows the treatment hurt less.

Laser Lipolysis - Facetite Lipolysis
It is the fat cheeks and throat when no excess fat. Cheeks and neck to tighten the taper.
How do I use the pen as a small laser tube about 1 mm. The laser will send the RF into the fat layer. And the fat is liquid fat. Normally, the body will rid itself away slowly or physician-assisted liposuction may Facetite out there are advantages in addition to permanently destroy fat can also help beat the smooth and firm with a wave.

Meso Lipolysis
The solution to a lot of fat in the cheeks, neck fat is injected into the skin, the fat layer. With a very small needle We do a lot in the fat cheeks. One way to help break down fats It does not help matters, tightens