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The youthful Tightening and wrinkle reduction. Without Surgery

The technology developed by the relentless energy of E-MAX brings light (IPL) or laser welding to work. With the power of radio frequency (Conducted RF) Both will run concurrently. The multiplier is two-fold to make collagen contraction. Along with stimulating the formation of collagen and elastin fibers that strong. Skin firming up the skin area to be treated. To outperform conventional technology. Make treatment easier and more secure.

E-Max / Aurora helps.

Reduce the appearance of dark spots, freckles, red toning the skin and radiant - E Max, Aurora.

Restore good health to be restored. After being destroyed by sunlight and time - E Max, Aurora.

The activation of collagen. The bright night to tighten your face - E Max, Aurora / E Max, Duo Matrix.

Reduce the signs of aging such lapse neck, under the chin or cheeks under the eyes, the eyebrows sagging - E Max, Skin tightening.

Shrink Pores Reduce wrinkles around the eyes, cheeks - E Max, Duo Matrix.