Body TiteⓇ

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Is a permanent fat removal Reduce fat by up to 4 kg from a single treatment.

Advance New Technology Radiofrequency energy is delivered through a small 1-3 mm Cannula by penetration into the skin and fat layer. When the fat layer to melt fat into water draining away.
Slimmer Smoother, Tighter Through proven to be seen as more than. The smooth surface than conventional laser fat removal. The light energy from the laser also tightens the space. After removing fat and firm up. Make better ratio
One Treatment laser once was either. Reduce fat and tighten skin, slim build.
Saftest hurt a little safer Special devices to prevent harm to surrounding tissue.
High performance, especially on the uptake of fat in 23 patients found that the average 2.4 liters of fat can be reduced to an average of two inches around the hips, waist, down 2 inches, weight decreased by 4 kg in three months time.

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Liposuction can solve common surgical procedures.
  • Lesions greater than the chance of side effects.
  • Do not allow the skin Tissue, so there is a lot more undulating.
  • After the wounds for about 4-10 days.

With Vaser Liposuction
  • Helps to dissolve fat sucked out more easily than standard liposuction laser-assisted unused.
  • Do not allow the skin The flabby skin, so it is likely billowing have laser liposuction.
  • Nozzle (Cannular) has a control surface, thereby preventing the nozzle penetrating the abdomen and the nozzle is only in fat, high security, and RF of Body Tire will run from pipe canoes. Hunt is in the fat The upper skin is highly effective in tightening skin. Allows the skin was sucking out the fat and flabby firming up. The experience of three years of clinical skin tightening that up to 80-99% (with only one person was less firm skin).